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You have come here because you have a visual need - and this visual need is to express your brand in a way that will attract customers and build your business. Whether it be a new website, a web design overhaul, business cards, television spots, or PHP modules, this is what this studio is all about. The company's mission - and my personal goal - is to inspire communication, trust, and growth between businesses and their customers through functional design. My name is Dave Shaw, and I'm the owner and operator of UpprLVL Graphic Design Studio.

UpprLVL Graphic Design was opened in April of 2014. UpprLVL is different in that it is a well-rounded freelance design studio that leverages a wide range of skill from graphic design, PHP web development, interior painting, portraiture, restoration, and more. If it's not something I can do personally, I will network you with the appropriate professional who can. I founded this company under four core "uPPPPr" level principles: professionalism, personalization, perseverance, and passion.

Professionalism »

UpprLVL is an actively registered Limited Liability Company formed in the state New Jersey, and follows all standards of business transactions. From the way I assemble design proposals, communicate with clients, and execute ideas, professionalism is always on the radar.

Personalization »

Every graphic is hand-crafted. All sites are built line-by-line using Notepad++. Your design is built specifically for you, for your purpose. There are no others like it. Every design is catered to the clients' needs, and is as unique and identifiable as a thumb print.

Perseverance »

It's all about the customer. My customers mean everything to me and my business, and so I am committed to providing a 100% satisfaction service. My guarantee includes non-substantive revisions and support on all projects - web or otherwise.

Passion »

I share my clients' passion by digging into their industries. Based on the evaluation of competitor campaigns, I provide effective and impactful deliverables that communicate my clients' message and grow my clients' market share.


Our website was overdue for an upgrade that made it present well on smartphones. Dave was able to keep the same look and feel of the original site while making it present well on both desktops and smartphones using current development practices. Dave was responsive and stuck with the project until all of the smallest details were hammered out. Nice job!" - Don P.

Dave is a highly creative, dedicated problem-solver who has consistently proven his ability to tackle a spectrum of roles. His persistence to create more valuable service to our customers cannot be overstated ... I look forward to working with Dave much closer and more frequently in the future to grow my business." - Philip S.

Dave and UpprLVL is as good as it gets! Everything you need to create inspiring web pages and efficiently manage them. Creative, responsive and affordably priced services. But not limited to web design! A top notch, one-stop graphic design shop, too." - Linda H.

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